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All of us need this don’t even lie

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BG Vocals, Harmonies and Hidden Vocals




Okay so everyone knows that Bey can sing but not enough people know what she’s truly capable of vocally so I’ve compiled what I think are some of her best bg vocals and harmonies. She came up with most of [if not all] these arrangements by herself. It’s a little over 10 minutes long but it’s worth the listen.

0:00 - 0:20: Naughty Girl, 0:21- 0:30: Baby Boy, 0:31 - 0:52: Me, Myself & I, 0:53 - 1:10: Deja Vu, 1:11 - 1:31: Get Me Bodied, 1:32 - 1:40 - Move Your Body, 1:41 - 1:54: Upgrade U, 1:55 - 2:04: Freakum Dress, 2:05 - 2:10: Green Light, 2:11 - 2:34: Irreplaceable, 2:35 - 2:47: Disappear, 2:48 - 3:07: Smash Into You, 3:08 - 3:42: Halo, 3:43 - 4:05: That’s Why You’re Beautiful, 4:06 - 4:30: Single Ladies, 4:31 - 4:37: Ego, 4:39 - 4:54: Telephone, 4:55 - 5:13: I Care, 5:14 - 5:19: Best Thing I Never Had, 5:20 - 5:34: Party, 5:35 - 6:16: Love On Top, 6:17 - 6:32: End Of Time, 6:33 - 7:02: Run The World (Girls), 7:03 - 7:17: Dance For You, 7:18 - 7:36: Schoolin’ Life, 7:37 - 7:47: I Been On, 7:48 - 8:00: God Made You Beautiful, 8:01 - 8:12: Rise Up, 8:13 - 8:36: Pretty Hurts, 8:37 - 9:18: ***Flawless, 9:18 - 9:23: Superpower, 9:24 - 10:02 - Standing On The Sun (my personal favorite), 10:03 - 10:19: Part II (On The Run), 10:20 - 10:50: Grown Woman

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this is a really well done depiction of how dorks interact with each other.

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lmao this is superb try-hard acting, pretty much christian slater in Heathers tier, fuck fuck fuck ufck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck use her clitoris 

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The Moon Goes Red Tonight

Are you in North America? Do you like staying up late and staring up at the sky? Yes? Then I have good news!

You can catch a total lunar eclipse Monday night, in all of its dusty-red glory, from just about anywhere in North America with a clear view of the night sky. The moon will enter the darkest part of Earth’s shadow (the “umbra”) at 1:58 AM ET, and remain there until 4:24 AM ET. At 3:06 ET, the moon will be completely darkened by the Earth’s shadow!

Except that the moon won’t be completely darkDuring a lunar eclipse, the moon turns a dusty shade of red. Why is that? You can thank Earth’s atmosphere.

To understand the red color of a lunar eclipse, it’s best to see how Earth would look from the moon. Check out this shot of Earth eclipsing the sun taken by Apollo astronauts:


See that halo of light around Earth? Our diffuse shell of air and dust bends and reflects a portion of the eclipsed sun’s light around the planet and onto the obscured moon. And since only the longest wavelengths of light make it through our atmosphere without being scattered away by the air molecules (the same reason that sunsets are red), the moon is bathed in crimson! Here’s a video I made about that atmospheric color show.

Check out more eclipse goodness at Bad Astronomy. Top image via Wikipedia.

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This bathroom in the Jacksonville airport had a bunch of signs of all different shapes of women and I think that’s pretty neat

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would it be completely irresponsible to go off on an adventure with a favorite character? yes. would it be bad to ask no questions and just go with them if they showed up out of nowhere and asked out of the blue? yes. would i be leaving everything behind? yes. would it be an utterly unrealistic scenario? yes. would i still do it and feel no regret whatsoever? hell yes

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My friends are amazing at Cards Against Humanity

I’ve never posted anything that deserved to go more viral than this.

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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself






i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

I tried to scroll too..

Tried to scroll. Couldn’t. Stick around please

I care

why would you try to scroll what the hell man

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when i was little i actually questioned why girls were supposed to cross their legs and when i was told “because boys will look up your skirt” i said “then tell boys not to look up our skirts” and my grandma got really angry with me but my uncle thought i was great and gave me a high five

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Behind the Scenes | [x]

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